Investor Relations

Sustainability Report

As a leading developer, the Group is committed to conduct its operations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Environmental Sustainability

Green Initiatives

The Group promotes green initiatives and encourages employees to be conscientious about saving electricity and water and recycling. These activities include recycling bins in office lobbies and bin centres as well as the use of energy saving light bulbs in buildings as well as water saving fittings in the restrooms. Older chillers are replaced with newer energy efficient ones and variable speed drives have been installed on most air handling units, chillers and cooling towers to save electricity.

Environmentally Friendly Development

The Group is committed to building environmental friendly developments and promotes sustainability by including environmentally sustainable features in our buildings. The Group has been awarded the Gold green Mark Award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for its residential development, The Trizon. Its mixed development at 5 Shenton Way, which is under construction, has been awarded the Gold Plus Certification for the office tower and residential tower. The Group will endeavour in its efforts to contribute to green and environmentally friendly living.

Human Capital

Workplace Health Programme

The Group has a strong workplace health culture that promotes a healthy workforce and environment. Through its participation in the Workplace Health Programme(WHP) since 2005, the Group has obtained many awards ranging from bronze to platinum.

Workplace Safety

The Group promotes a safety culture at its workplace to achieve a safe working environment for its employees. Safety issues at the workplace are assessed and discussed regularly at management meetings. Risk assessments are carried out to identify hazards and adequate controls are put in place to minimize these exposures. For project management, contracting partners are required to present safety reports and address issues in weekly meetings and take preventive actions. Safety audits by external safety consultants are also carried out regularly to ensure a safe working environment.

Whistle-Blowing Policy

The Group's whistle-blowing policy is communicated to employees and provides a well-defined channel for any reported cases of suspected improper conduct by any employee of the Group.

Community Involvement

The Group encourages its employees to be involved in community services. Volunteering activities are organised for employees to participate in meaningful community outreach programmes.